Mony Helal (born May 1st, 1992) is a model, cosmetic, tattoo specialist and first Egyptian tattoo artist (2014) and current Miss World Egypt (2018). She represented the famous town of County Cleopatra in Cairo, Egypt. She speaks Arabic and English fluently, a beginner in French and Italian. Mony recognized early that her values served as motivators, that she learned by doing, and she needed a good challenge to stay engaged. This knowledge and awareness gave her the confidence to become a dynamic model, and an influencer. It is on record that she is the first Egyptian female tattoo artist/micro blading specialist.

Mony graduated from the University Modern Science and Art University with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and a second major in art and design. Mony has a powerful and encouraging ability to speak naturally, humorously and genuinely using her strong communication savvy approach. She has a unique background in mass communication and natural charisma made her won the Miss Egypt 2018 and likewise the current holder of the Miss World Egypt.

With extensive knowledge of leadership and communication, Mony has been able to start her talent management agency. At her leisure time, she enjoys skydiving and adventurous activities. She is a fan of a belly dancer and a favorite instrument is a violin. She has been able to visit China, Seychelles, Spain, UK, Lebanon, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand and Bahrain. She has done many charitable programs including the “Beauty with a Purpose Program” aimed at humanitarian projects around the world.

She has been opportune to open the shows in Pakistan Fashion Week twice (Sept. 2017 and Oct. 2017). She has worked with many big brands but to mention a few; Beauty/Makeup - Huda (August 2018), Beauty (October 2018), Make up Forever (June 2018), Mac (2014) L’Oreal (2013/2014/2015) Mohammed Al Sagheer. Fashion – Mango, Levis (Nov 2018), Robert Abi Nader, Kojak, Namshi, (2013 - 2016) Hany Al Behairy (April 2014) Mobaco Cotton and more. Featured/ Cover in Magazine: Ladybird (April 2015), Cairo Fashion Report (Dec 2013), Flair (Nov 2018 – Future), Fashion Zone Egypt (March 2015) Shot - Emaar Television – Ramez That El Ard (June 2017), Chipsy (Jan. 2013) Music Video with Bilal Saeed (Aug 2017).